• 15+ years dedicated to content or Web project management in the corporate communication or marketing fields
• I own a Master’s degree in multimedia communication from a reference French school in information and communication sciences (Celsa).

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Work History

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Digital facilitator

Since december 2016
Framework: Correspondances public library
Employer: Municipality of Divonne-les-Bains (Department of Ain, France)


• Digital and printed communication about the library's activities and services: searching images and negociating their use with right owners, shootings, (re)writing; animating the library's website and the Facebook page; conceiving, designing and sending newsletters to subscribers on a regular basis, making of posters and other printed documents;
• Conceiving and animating public introductions to various topics in connection with the digital culture.

Some achievements

• Making and sending newsletters to the library's subscribers
• A new layout for posters and flyers, making of posters on a monthly basis
• Public presentations: get your trip prepared with Internet, self training with the Vodeclic Web platform, Computer security at home, choosing a Web browser...

Digital communications consultant

April 2016 - December 2017

Framework and projects: various clients in France and Switzerland
Recruiter: ITG


• Audit of the online presence of a webagency's client: website and use of social networks (Geneva, Switzerland)
• Project management for a French association: support for making the specifications and choosing the provider (website overhaul, rethinking the use of digital tools)

Some achievements

• Audit report and presentation to the client
• Planning and conducting meetings with the client, online survey, writing of the specifications, search for possible providers


February-March 2016

Framework: Ideclic by Idefal

Training on building a business, Saint-Genis-Pouilly (France).

• Market study

Communications officer

March-July 2015

Project: TEDxGeneva
Recruiter: Jam international (as a contractor), Geneva, Switzerland
Client: Ynternet.org (TEDxGEneva licensee), Grandvaux, Switzerland

Achieved partly as a paid consultant from April 13th to April 22th, mainly as a volunteer.


• Assistant to the core team
• Website audit and optimisation
• Web content making and community management: promotion of newly published videos on Facebook and Twitter (French/English)


• A better website in terms of design, browsing and accessibility (CMS: WordPress)
• Layout of the program for the audience
• Creating a website user’s guide

More about this experience on this site, on The blog (for an introduction) and in the Portfolio parts

Digital content & Web project manager


September 2010-July 2014
National Federation of Safer, Communication Office
Paris (25 employees - the Safer Group has 1,000 employees)


• Consulting in digital communications
• Coordinating a national network of Web contributors
• Editorial and UX audits for a website dedicated to property ads
• Web project management for creating or improving websites
• Making of SEO or SEM campaigns
• Training of colleagues in digital content management
• Making of editorial guidelines and tutorials
• Content management, content creation, follow-up of translation and publishing on various Intranet or Internet websites and on a Youtube channel
• Writing of activity reports
• Involved in a team which aimed to select a CRM application and an enterprise social network meeting some particular needs


• Website improvements (with providers) : +34,6 % of visits in a year
• Launching of a new ecommerce website (with providers)
• Creating editorial guidelines for Web contributors
• Writing and/or publishing numerous articles
• Conceiving and making of online surveys

Web & e-mail contents officer

July 2009-August 2010
Inserm, RH Department
Paris (8,200 employees)

• Writing of articles for the HR website, editorial support for contributors
• Animating an editorial board and making of the e-letter (18,000 receivers)
• Managing of HR digital workspaces

E-business project bearer

July 2007-June 2009

Project of a ecommerce website dedicated to digital images' selling: business plan, specifications, browsing scenarii, zoning and layouts, individual study about Drupal

Digital content specialist



April-June 2007

RFF, Communication Department
Paris (1,300 employees)

Writing of articles, translations' follow-up and publishing on the corporate French-English site

Communications officer & Webmaster


October 2003-February 2007
Paris Region, Communication Department
Paris (11,200 agents)

• Writing of news and other contents, iconographic searches
• Responsible for the Web version of a photographic exhibition
• Participating in the overhaul of the digital communication of the Paris Region

Communications officer


September 1997-December 2002
Paris (15 employees)

• Writing of articles, layouts for newsletters and magazines
• Follow-ups of translations, printing and shipping
• Press relations
• Creating the Website for the organisation


Master's Degree in Multimedia Communication


School of Advanced Studies in Information and Communication Sciences (Celsa)
Paris IV - Sorbonne University, Neuilly-sur-Seine (near Paris)

Training for digital communication and information managers: audit, strategy, project management and content management


Other diplomas

  • Licence in History of Art (1994-1996, Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris): analysis of artworks, study of artistic movements
  • Certificate of Superior Technician: Visual Communication (BTS) (1989-1992, Leonard de Vinci High School, Montaigu, French department of Vendée): art direction, graphic design, photography and video technics



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