The World Federation of United Cities, also known as the United Towns Organisation (FMCU-UTO) was a network of 1,400 local autorities from more than 80 countries. Its aim was to promote and support direct cooperation between cities and local authorities across borders, on all subjects regarding the City. FMCU-UTO’s headquarters were located in Paris, and had 15 employees.

Created in 1957, FMCU-UTO has animated and coordinated for more than 45 years various projects of local authorities in the framework of thematic programs financed either by local authorities themselves or by national or international bodies. FMCU-UTO has supported many twinnings or more technical projects between some local authorities during the conception or development stages. It also has regularly organised congresses which gathered numerous members’ delegates.

In 1996, FMCU-UTO co-founded World Associations of Cities and Local Authorities (Waclac) “to provide a coordination mechanism for the international local government associations in their work with the United Nations” (source). Then in 2004, FMCU-UTO merged with two other local authorities networks to create United Cities and Local Governements (UCLG-CGLU), which is today’s major World organisation of local authorities.