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A little bit of TEDx in my portfolio

I open the Portfolio part of the English version of this site with the translation of the two latest posts in French at this moment. Both of them are dedicated to my activities as a communication specialist for the latest TEDxGeneva event (April 16th, 2015).

This activity in Switzerland was made mostly as a volunteer, though there was also some paid days. From March to June, I made various tasks and some of them only were related to digital communication, which is my speciality. Those ones are the ones I wrote about.

So many aspects of this experience were very interesting: the people I met; the chance to participate in the making of a TEDx event and also an opportunity to be helpful:

  • by making a diagnosis of TEDxGeneva’s digital communication when I arrived;
  • by searching and suggesting relevant solutions to optimise the chances of success for the next challenges;
  • then by executing the approved changes.

This was also for me a great opportunity to work with images (photographs, videos), another passion and strength of mine, firstly to make the site more compelling and secondly to perform a more engaging community management.

More details about this experience:

Above: Swiss entrepreneur Pascal Meyer (Qoqa), one of the speakers of the 2015 edition, whose video is promoted on the home page of TEDxGeneva’s website (Screenshot date: May 2015).