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Yes! A certified C1 level in English

I have just been notified that I passed the Certificate of Advanced English examination (CAE) delivered by Cambridge English at a proud C1 level, which refers to the CEFR (watch the video for details).

This post is also available in French version.

When I was a teenager, English was one of my favorites disciplines. I was influenced and motivated by the US or UK series, movies and songs I discovered mostly on television (I grew up with the first videoclips). One day, I’ll go to America (and I’d better learn some words in English)! Nevertheless, my recent motivation to enhance and then to make my level of English certified was significantly different (albeit watching some TV series, for instance, remains rather often a pleasant entertainment).

Firstly, being as good as possible in English is incredibly useful in case you are interested in digital humanities and especially digital communication or webmarketing. More generally, knowing about English language obviously helps to broaden your mind. Secondly, regarding certification, I hope it is going to help me meeting interesting people and accessing some professional areas. Trying to open some work opportunities also in Switzerland, English is a mandatory language there. I assume and understand that some recruiters may had doubts about my level of English while they had only my curriculum vitae and a short cover letter on their desk. But I think this is clear enough now.

Despite being certificated today, I don’t think I am done. Not at all. Mastering and improving oneself with a language shall remain an everyday task. I will always have vocabulary to learn, answers to give quicker and quicker. But this is not a pain at all. I am sure this is going to be a constant pleasure because it is going to be more and more rewarding.